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My Approach

I believe that we're all essentially made of two things: energy and spirit. Okay, really one, because our spirits or souls are also just energy.

Energy, when it flows freely, is the stuff of life. But in our bodies, energy can get stuck. Our circuits short, our wires get crossed, and these lead to discomfort and dis-ease.

Through our holistic modalities, we can redirect and reconnect your energy to its source, leaving you feeling amazing and energized!

Robin Fitzsimons

Robins Center for Wellness

Founder and Owner of Robin's Center for Wellness and Wellness With Robin

As a powerful, heart-centered Spiritual Mentor and Health/Life Coach, I help women awaken their true authentic selves by setting goals, deepening their intuition, finding and following their life purpose and practicing self-love and compassion to live their best lives. This is the work I'm passionate about – helping women see their own beauty, let go of fears and follow their dreams, opening up to their own power and sacredness. I welcome you with open arms and an open heart.

Robin's Center for Wellness vs Wellness With Robin

I often get asked the question: What’s the difference between “Robin’s Center for Wellness” and “Wellness With Robin”? Here it is in a nutshell…Robin’s Center for Wellness is the wellness center, the place of business where Robin, as well as other practitioners do their work. It is also the home of a small crystal and consignment shop (open by appointment). If you are a client, you can shop when you are in for a session. Wellness With Robin is Robin’s personal healing business doing Reiki, Past Life Healing, Soul Recovery, teaching classes, etc inside Robin’s Center for Wellness.

Next Steps...

As an empath, you feel the energy of others. You sometimes feel zapped around others, especially those with negative energy. I developed "The Empath's Guide to Energy" with you in mind. Learn simple, yet highly effective, techniques to keep your energy field clear. Just click on the link to get your guide now.