Archangels Through the Year Membership

Whether you're a seasoned angel enthusiast or just starting to explore this spiritual realm, the class offers a unique journey with each Archangel associated with the zodiac throughout the year.

Here's why you might find it beneficial:

Guided Exploration: The class offers a guided exploration of each Archangel's distinct qualities, helping you deepen your understanding of their unique energies and purposes.

Connection Practices: You'll learn various practices, such as meditation, working with crystals, and using scents, to enhance your connection with each Archangel.

Monthly Focus: With a monthly focus on a specific Archangel, you can immerse yourself in their energy and teachings, allowing for a more profound and meaningful connection.

Spiritual Growth: Connecting with the Archangels can lead to spiritual growth, personal transformation, and a sense of support and guidance in your life.

Consistent Support: The structured class provides consistent support and insights throughout the year, helping you build a strong foundation for ongoing spiritual exploration.

By taking these monthly classes, you're not only reconnecting with angels but also establishing a more profound and intentional relationship with these celestial beings.

But wait – there’s more!!!

Register NOW receive extra BONUSES!

  • Bonus Classes on Archangels Michael, Raphael and Haniel
  • Archangels of the Zodiac and Crystals downloadable pdf
  • Access to exclusive meditations
  • Lifetime Membership – so once you register, you will receive access to anything added in the future as well!
  • Crystals Masterclass with myself and Jenafer Humphries on January 21, 2024 (will be recorded in zoom and uploaded for those who miss it)