Online Courses

Exploring Past Lives
During the program you’ll experience exercises and meditations to explore your own past lives and find answers and connections to things in your current life. You will have lifetime access so you can watch the videos and do the exercises over and over.
Goals & Manifesting
What do you want to create more of in your life? Do you create a Vision Board or Vision Journal? Whether you are starting now or reviewing your goals that you have already begun to manifest, use this online event to do some goal setting and manifesting. Lifetime access.
Seven Main Chakras
Do you want to learn more about the seven main chakras? In this class, you will learn what a chakra is; all about the seven main chakras, their location, what they mean and the emotion around them; how to clear and balance them; Archangels, animals and planets that parallel your chakras; and essential oils and crystals to use to support your chakras. Discover how to clear and balance your charkas to live a healthy, vibrant life!
Mercury Retrograde Course
Join me in aligning with Mercury Retrograde through an online class that includes an introduction video to answer all your questions and give you some do's and don'ts, as well as meditations to help you through the energy of Mercury Retrograde!
Mercury Retrograde Meditation Only
Join me in aligning with Mercury Retrograde through this special meditation.
Energy Cord Releasing Meditation
Still having trouble letting go or releasing? There may be cords that need to be released. Use this meditation to help release all cords that could be holding you back. Cord cutting is an important practice for spiritual healing and well-being. It helps us release negative emotions, patterns, attachments and influences from the past that may be holding us back or harming us in the present.