Exploring Past Lives

Your soul is reborn into a new physical body for the purpose of gaining knowledge and for understanding and resolving negative emotions and actions you incurred in previous lifetimes. Through repeated incarnations, you learn karmic lessons and you enjoy the rewards of lessons that you previously learned. As you acquire knowledge and perfect your soul, you attain spiritual union with a higher consciousness.

As you travel the journey from lifetime to lifetime, you encounter experiences in which your actions of previous lives again present themselves. This is known as karma, and is commonly referred to as cause and effect.

All the memories you recall open up for very important reasons that will help you in your present life. They surface to offer you the insights and answers necessary for understanding your feelings about the relationships you’re involved in, and they explain your responses to the situations and events that occur in your present life. They help to make you aware of how your present actions and experiences are connected to and caused by past-life events, and they bring you a clear understanding of their influence on your present life. They surface to help you learn life lessons, balance, karma, and to educate you in spiritual awareness.

Join Robin in exercises and meditations to explore your own past lives and find answers and connections to things in your current life.