Good Read...

EXCITING NEWS! I’m a contributing author to an anthology book called Heart-Centered Marketing: Proven Strategies that Naturally Attract and Nurture Clients.

Stories and strategies from twenty-one women come alive in the pages of this book created and published by Highlander Press.

My chapter is called Trust the Timing and I share how to let fears go so you can fully trust and move forward.

Get your copy TODAY.

Heart Centered Marketing

Listen In...

Listen HERE to my interview on the Boss Body Podcast hosted by Sarah Haas, Women's Weight Release Coach and Body Love Coach. We talk about easy things you can do to avoid anxiety and overwhelm when you are an empath.

In the episode we discuss:

  • What is means to be an Empath.
  • How carrying others' feelings and emotions can affect your mood, energy, anxiety level, and overall health.
  • How to clear away other people's energy to reset and achieve calm.
  • How to set boundaries around your own energy.
Boss Body Episode #58