Retrogrades 2024

2024 holds some interesting keys to the future, while holding us accountable for our beliefs and values. It has only been a few years since the pandemic, an event that shifted our perspectives and left us unmoored from perceived stability. This is the year when we will be tested on what we have learned, and gain traction by bringing our whole selves to the table. 

With the exception of the inner planets that change signs regularly, all of the outer planets from Saturn to Pluto remain steady in their current signs. This allows us a foothold on longer-term projects and progression. Jupiter moves from stable Taurus into flighty Gemini, and our luck will expand in many directions. Just don’t get too excited and overwhelm yourself! 

Thankfully, we will not have another Venus Retrograde period this year, and it will hum along nicely, but Mars will retrograde at the very end of the year, adding a heaviness and sluggishness through the beginning of 2025. 

This is, of course, a pivotal election year in the U.S. and the planetary movements through the summer and fall are primed for shake ups – especially an ‘October Surprise’ thanks to Solar and Lunar Eclipses on the Aries/Libra axis. Strong personalities will prevail, and with a Mercury Retrograde after the election, it’s something that will have us talking well into 2025. 

This is a year that begins strong but could end in confusion and frustration. Continue to hone in on your personal belief system as it will carry you forward through difficult times, and give you something to lean on if and when you are questioned about your direction for the future. You know in your heart of hearts what is best for you this year 

Mercury Retrogrades: 

December 13, 2023 – January 1, 2024

April 1-25, 2024 in the sign of Aries

August 4-28, 2024 in the signs of Leo and Virgo

November 25-December 15, 2024 in the sign of Sagittarius

Several times each year, Mercury gives us a little shakeup by creating an optical illusion in the sky where we perceive the planet to move backward. Every planet does this occasionally (with the exception of the Sun and Moon, our luminaries), but due to Mercury’s quick movement around the sky, we have to continually deal with this cosmic reboot.

Mercury always stays within two signs of our solar star – it never gets far away. As soon as it starts to get a little bit ahead of the Sun, we experience a Mercury Retrograde period, where Mercury moves backward through the zodiac for a three-week period before moving direct (forward) once more. 

A typical year includes three Mercury Retrograde periods, but the last few years have seen a fourth thanks to an overlap at the end of the calendar. For 2024, we technically end a Mercury Retrograde period on January 1, but it will take another three weeks to clear its shadow. This means we may not get the urge to really move forward on New Year’s resolutions and goals until a few weeks after 2024 begins. 

We’ve also been experiencing these retrograde in grounded Earth signs since 2022. Capricorn particularly has felt the brunt of Mercury Retrogrades the past couple of years, having hosted Mercury Retrograde a whopping four times in two years! Once Mercury moves on to fire signs in 2024, we will be free of this energy in earth signs until 2029. 

Mercury Retrograde through the fire signs will add a little more spark to the chaos. If you have prominent Fire elements in your chart, you will be affected more than others. Whereas Earth signs can ‘grin and bear it’ through tougher periods. Fire signs will let you know in no uncertain terms how they are feeling. Watch out for these periods of excess energy this year!

Venus Retrograde: Venus does not retrograde in 2024

Venus is the planet of beauty and love. This planet takes a major role in art, nature, relationships and finances. Our Venus sign reveals how we approach social situations and what brings us true joy. 

Like Mercury, Venus rules over two signs of the zodiac, Taurus and Libra. Venus shows up as self-love, strong value systems and financial growth in earthy Taurus and as social, harmonious and other-focused in Libra.

All signs benefit from Venus’ stay, so circle the periods Venus will be in your Sun, Rising and Venus signs as opportune moments to expand your world in whatever direction you want to go. 

Some good news in 2024 is that we will not experience a Venus Retrograde period. In 2023, we experienced a dramatic Venus Retrograde in Leo between July and September. This puts a shakeup in our personal lives to reconsider what we valued most. 

Unlike Mercury, Venus only retrogrades once every 19 months. This means we won’t see Venus Retrograde again until March 2025, when Venus will retrograde in both Aries and Pisces. 

While Venus moves forward through the signs in 2024, you can discover how Venus works to your benefit. Take a few moments to notice how you shift in your relationships and values as Venus shifts into different signs. 

Does Venus in fire signs make you feel sultry? Or does it increase your anxiety, making it easier to get into arguments? Maybe you want to be at home during Venus in Cancer or become a social butterfly when Venus is in Aquarius. This is useful information to have as Venus cycles through the zodiac more than once a year. 

Mars Retrograde: December 6, 2024 – February 23, 2025 in the signs of Leo and Cancer

Mars is our goal-oriented planet of action. Determined and willing to win at any cost, Mars adds a jolt of energy to nearly every sign it visits. Some signs do not particularly jive with this energy, like Libra, whose goals of harmony and peace are confused by Mars. But fire signs do especially well, and we can all take advantage of a renewed drive when Mars shows up. 

This is especially true in 2024, when Mars will circle back to its home sign of Aries, and begins a new cycle of the zodiac. Because Mars typically only spends about six weeks in any given sign, it may feel like a short window of opportunity – do what you can to make progress on your goals in May with the full power of Mars in Aries. 

Mars takes initiative, drives forward, and fights for what it wants. Mars also has control over our sexuality, our passions, and how well we use our physical energies. Mars will travel to signs it hasn’t seen in almost two years, so if yours is one of them, get ready to amp up the passion, enthusiasm, and call to action for as long as it stays with you. 

Unfortunately, this year, Mars will retrograde in a fire sign. Mars only retrogrades once every 26 months, and we saw the last one in Gemini at the end of 2022 into 2023. This year, Mars will retrograde through Leo, and back into Cancer, spanning both signs into 2025. 

Leos may feel like they’ve been put through the ringer for the past couple of years with personal planets continually retrograding in this sign. In 2023, Venus took a long retrograde hiatus in Leo. This year, both Mercury and Mars will do the same. Take a look at the house Leo rules in your own chart and think about the shifts you’ve made in that area of your life to prepare for what is coming. 

When Mars retrogrades, we tend to lose our gusto and can feel very heavy and tired. Planning ahead for this in 2024 will be crucial as it officially begins at the beginning of December, putting a bit of a damper on the many holiday celebrations around the world. You may not feel like putting in the same effort as years past. Give yourself a break and take the easy route if you can help it – shop online, have meals catered, and enjoy the downtime throughout winter. 

Jupiter Retrograde: October 9, 2024 – February 4, 2025 in Gemini

Jupiter, the planet of expansion and luck, begins the year in Taurus, recovering from its recent retrograde and ready to make moves within Taurean topics of finances, self-love and grounded stability. Taurus is ruled by Venus, and last year’s Venus Retrograde put a double-damper on Taurus for the last six months of 2023. 

We only have the first five months to take advantage of Jupiter’s current position. Notably, Jupiter will meet up with Uranus in Taurus, a conjunction that also occurred in 1941. This marked the end of the great depression, a shift in wage earnings from men to women, and new lucrative inventions like the jet plane. This fortunate energy will occur between April 18-26, when the two planets connect in the sky for the benefit of us all. 

By the end of May, Jupiter will move on to chatty Gemini, the great communicator of the zodiac. Gemini likes to move fast so youcan expect the later half of 2024 to pick up speed. Whatever you focus on during this period will expand exponentially. 

Jupiter in Gemini is a wonderful time to learn something new as you will pick it up quickly and be able to apply it to your current circumstances, mastering it in no time. You could also find yourself traveling frequently or simply socializing more often. Being out and about will certainly increase your opportunities, just be careful you don’t bite off more than you can chew! 

Fortunately, we begin 2024 with a strong Jupiter moving direct and gaining steam, as it moved out of its Taurus Retrograde on December 30, 2023. We don’t experience all of Jupiter’s typically positive and expansive energy when it is in retrograde motion, so we began the New Year on a much more positive note. 

In 2024, however, Jupiter’s Retrograde doesn’t begin until early October, and we take it with us through early 2025, this time in Gemini. Jupiter’s expansion now turns inward as a reflection upon your communication style, how you relate to those close to you, and your impact upon your immediate community. 

Saturn Retrograde: June 29-November 15 in Pisces

Cosmic taskmaker Saturn makes sure we’re doing our jobs and reaping the rewards – or the consequences – of our decisions. When Saturn is in your astrological sign, you must be mature and take responsibility for your life. Saturn is there to make sure your efforts are put to good use and your objectives are met, no matter how difficult or different it might be from your current situation. 

Saturn spends around 2.5 years in each sign, and last year moved into Pisces. It only got about a third of the way through Pisces before it retrograded, so we will spend all of 2024 with Saturn in Pisces. In fact, Saturn won’t move into Aries until February 2026, so get comfortable being uncomfortable. 

Pisces is a difficult placement for the ringed planet. What does it mean to put boundaries around spirituality? How does structure fit into art and music? Is it possible to be disciplined in the realm of dreams and fantasies? These are some of the proverbial fish-out-of-water questions that could come up with Saturn in otherworldly Pisces. 

And yet, Saturn says it’s time to uncover what makes Pisces tick. He’s putting into place some strongholds for the future that can evolve us in a whole new way. Somehow, despite the restrictions, we also become more connected with one another and in tune with our spirits. Those who fight this energy could face self-destruction. 

The last time Saturn was in Pisces was between May 1993 and April1996. Think back to this period as it will now repeat its lessons in similar ways. Those with Saturn in Pisces in their birth chart will experience their Saturn Return, and the restrictions, shifts and higher calling that comes along with it. 

Saturn Retrogrades yearly, giving us somewhat of a reprieve from the stern and authoritative planet. We won’t be learning any new lessons when Saturn moves retrograde, but we will need to take a look at what we’ve learned recently and how to incorporate this newfound knowledge and wisdom into our lives. Once the planet moves direct, new lessons are in store. 

Uranus Retrograde:
August 28, 2023-January 27, 2024 in the sign of Taurus
September 1, 2024 – January 30, 2025 in the sign of Taurus

Uranus is our scientific, futuristic, and idealistic planet. When Uranus aspects with transiting planets or an individual’s natal planets, it can deliver surprises and news that can propel us forward. This generational planet remains in a sign for roughly seven years. Those who were born with Uranus in the same sign as you share similar ideas on how to improve the world. 

The planet of innovation has been slowly touring through Taurus, the steadfast sign of conversation and growth. While Uranus stays in this sign, Taureans themselves (and those with prominent Taurus placements) are being asked to try new things, and get out of their comfort zones. Utilize this rare genius as much as possible, even when it feels like you’re going against your own grain. 

The sign of the bull is also associated with money, and Uranus in Taurus is known for economic upheaval. There have been many ups and downs in the stock markets, inflation has grown at a rapid rate, and real estate prices have ballooned during this period. At the same time, digital currency like bitcoin has become commonplace, and we now tap our credit cards rather than swiping thanks to microchips. Continue to watch new forms of money and ways of using it, but play it safe in stocks until Uranus moves on in 2026. 

Neptune Retrograde: July 2 – December 7, 2024 in Pisces

Neptune has been touring its home sign of Pisces since 2012. Neptune is the planet of illusion and imagination, ruling over the final sign of the zodiac. 

Neptune has dug deep into its comfort zone, making us hold tight to our belief systems, even if they aren’t quite matching up to our values. Others are having the illusion slowly brought to light, and have been shifting their priorities as a result. Still others are playing a more dangerous game of escapism in the form of increasingly powerful drugs and addictions. Neptune – and Pisces – rule over all of these ideas. Ideas are a powerful thing in Neptune’s hands, so take caution not to get too carried away with your own imagination. 

Make the most of the last few degrees that Neptune spends here by inviting more art, music, impulse, and fantasies into your life. We will begin to experience the shift of Neptune into Aries next year. 

Neptune’s annual 158-day retrograde gives us the change to bring the unconscious into consciousness. The second half of 2024 will be dedicated to incorporating our first half’s thoughts and fantasies. We become more accepting of our mental capacities and discover the essence of who we are. 

Pluto Retrograde: May 2 – October 11, 2024 in Aquarius and Capricorn

Pluto, who oversees both death and rebirth, is our planet of metamorphosis. It has been associated with Scorpio, which was formerly ruled by Mars, ever since its discovery in 1930. However, we may observe the themes of Pluto through its intrinsic strength in the zodiac. Pluto is possibly the most powerful planet of all, as it transforms everything it comes into contact with. 

There is no metamorphosis more evident than when Pluto moves from one sign into another, a process that quite literally takes years. In 2023, Pluto began its shift into Aquarius, which culminates at the end of 2024. Over the course of this year, we begin the New Year in Capricorn, move quickly into Aquarius until September, when it backtracks into Capricorn for the final time until the end of November. By the end of the year, we will stand firmly in Aquarius territory, and set our sights on new transformational opportunities. 

This means that we will see our final stint with Pluto in Capricorn during the 2024 U.S. Presidential Election. Capricorn rules structure and power, themes we have been grappling with since Pluto entered the sign in 2008. Now, at the final, anaretic degree of Capricron, we have the opportunity to transform what structure and power look like for the nation. 

When Pluto moves into Aquarius, our attention turns toward our communities and associations. Ideas and Ideals will be examined in a nearly scientific manner. With Pluto staying here until 2044, a new generatioin will be born that will be incredibly innovative, idealistic, and humanitarian, helping us move forward as a collective over time. 

Midway through the year, Pluto will retrograde back into Capricorn, allowing any last transformations to occur under the watchful eye of Saturn. Status, purpose, and even patriarchy are governed by Capricorn. Whatever Pluto needs to do in this realm will happen by November 19, when Pluto makes its final re-entry into Aquarius. 

When Pluto is retrograde, we can anticipate inward transformation and wrestle with some of the most difficult aspects of life, such as money, sex, death and the afterlife. During these times, find your inner fortitude and resilience.

Chiron: July 26 – December 29, 2024 in the sign of Aries

Chiron is known as the ‘wounded healer’ of the zodiac. A centaur and foster child of the Greek God Apollo, Chiron was unlike the other centaurs known for their rowdy and bawdy behavior. Chiron was a sea nymph. As a result, he possessed the power to heal other, but not himself.  

Astronomically, Chiron is not a planet. It was initially considered an asteroid and classified as a Minor Planet, but exhibits behavior of a comet. It orbits between Saturn and Uranus. 

Astrologically, it acts as a mediator between staunchy Saturn and revolutionary Uranus. It also points to the place in our personal lives that we continuously feel pain and suffering until we address the root of the problem. Tranformation may take time, but we will continue to hit the glass ceiling with Chiron if we don’t. 

For the past several years, Chiron has been slowly moving through Aries. With this placement, we are all fighting for our right to be uniquely ourselves – and bring our whole selves to every table. Chiron can help to temper the aggressive warrior in Aries. Rather than instinctually putting our dukes up, let’s examine our fight-or-flight response and why we put the dukes up in the first place. Surely there is a way to honor ourselves inside and out. 

This is a long-term transit that began in 2018 and will continue through 2027. 

When Chiron turns retrograde, we can go inward and examine some of the feelings that we may have been keeping to ourselves. Aries represents the self, so ask yourself how you are *really* doing. Aries also represents the head and the physical pain, so mental health breaks are critical to your well-being. 

Remember that Chiron moves slowly through Aries, so this won’t be the last opportunity to address these issues. It will continue a forward and back motion for years to come, allowing us to integrate these healthier habits and personal values slowly over time. But you can trust that if you’re doing the work, one day you will show up where you want to be. 

*Information from 2023 Planetary Preview Workbook by Writual (

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