Akashic Records

My Akashic reading was the most fascinating reading ever!  It was so spot on in every way. I have to sit and read and reread it just to make sure I didn’t miss anything. It was profound and definitely gave me perspective and validation on some things. ~ Becky

Reiki Session

Robin is amazing! I was having some significant issues that were quickly taking me to a breaking point, and Robin was recommended to me to help me work through them. I called Robin on a Friday, and she got me in the next day for Reiki. I’ve had Reiki done by other people, but Robin’s was the most impactful Reiki session I’ve ever experienced. Whether that was because of who she is, or whether it was just because I was just more open to healing this time, I’m not sure….but it was definitely an amazing, healing experience. I know I will be back to see Robin in the future! ~Danielle

Distance Reiki Session

“I met Robin almost two years ago at a Wellness retreat at a friend’s house.  She has been an excellent guide for me on many levels.  Robin is deeply intuitive and has helped me understand many facets of relationships in my life.   Last year,  I signed up for life coaching with her.  I received and opened to new clarity in my life.  I just re-signed for another six months.” 

“I was kind of skeptical in the beginning!  However, when Robin said she could feel that my dog and cat were laying on me,  I knew it was real. Animals LOVE Reiki.”

“In the crazy times we are all experiencing now, I highly recommend a remote session with Robin.  She is truly amazing.” ~Teresa

“Today, I had the pleasure of experiencing distance Reiki with Robin, and I must say it was the most intense and helpful session I have EVER experienced. I contacted Robin because I was feeling miserably ill and was having pain and discomfort on the entire right side of my body. After my session, my pain and discomfort were gone, and I felt amazing!”

Robin is beautifully intuitive, and her healing abilities are unexplainable.  If you need healing, especially with all the current chaos in the world, please contact Robin. You will be so happy you did!”  ~Ashley H.

Reiki Session + Angel Card Reading

Robin is highly intuitive and has been a great guide and resource for me. I came to her for help balancing my life and reducing stress, and can honestly say: It worked! Reiki, angel card readings, and guidance to trust my intuition… life is very different for me these days! Thank you, Robin! ~Nancy


I was guided to Robin at a time in my life when I needed balance and clarity. With Robin’s guidance, I found so much more. The classes she offers have helped me gain a better understanding of who I am spiritually. Robin has a beautiful energy that surrounds her and she excels in the art of Reiki. As my Mother would say, “it is good for what ails you.” The world needs more enlightenment and positivity, this is a great place to start. ~Amy

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