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Individual Sessions

Whether you're here for an individual Reiki healing session, Silent Counseling or individual mentorship and coaching, Wellness with Robin is ready to serve!

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We offer a variety of in-person, online (Zoom), and self-guided membership classes. Click here to see the list of classes and register.

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Channeled Guidance

A channeled reading is connecting to the angels or Universe or guides to receive loving messages, guidance, and support. During a reading, you may seek guidance in the areas of relationships, health, career, life purpose, or other questions you may have.

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Cancellation Policy is no less than 24 hours. No refunds.

Wellness with Robin's Mission

Compassionate guidance, healing, teaching, and empowering you through light and love.

Located in Platteville, Wisconsin, we serve curious people who want to live a deeply connected and spiritual life in harmony with their souls. We work both in person at our holistic office called Robin's Center for Wellness, and via online courses.

Robin in Reiki Room

Next Steps...

As an empath, you feel the energy of others. You sometimes feel zapped around others, especially those with negative energy. I developed "The Empath's Guide to Energy" with you in mind. Learn simple, yet highly effective, techniques to keep your energy field clear. Just click on the link to get your guide now.

Listen In...

Listen HERE to my interview on the Boss Body Podcast hosted by Sarah Haas, Women's Weight Release Coach and Body Love Coach. We talk about easy things you can do to avoid anxiety and overwhelm when you are an empath.

In the episode we discuss:

  • What it means to be an Empath
  • How carrying others’ feelings and emotions can affect your mood, energy, anxiety level, and overall health
  • How to clear away other people’s energy to reset and achieve calm
  • How to set boundaries around your own energy


Boss Body Episode #58