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NEW! Silent Counseling

Silent Counseling combines muscle testing, breath work, and acupressure meridian points to release stagnant energy and emotional imprints stored within the body. By tapping into the body's subconscious mind and addressing issues on a cellular level, Silent Counseling helps to dissolve barriers and facilitate profound healing.

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Angel Reading

Reiki + Angel

Reiki + Angel Reading

Past Life Healing Session

Note: The Akashic writing of your past life is completed prior to your appointment and will be yours to keep.

120 Minutes

If you are unsure if you should book a Past Life Healing Session or Soul Recovery Session, book a Past Life Session. Soul Recovery often happens during past life sessions and will be a more involved Past Life Reading to include missing soul pieces of ALL lifetimes.

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Six Month 1:1 Coaching Program

Please EMAIL Robin to inquire about her 1:1 Coaching Program and set-up a time to see if it is a good fit for you.