Soul Recovery

Part 1: What is Soul Loss

“Soul loss is a spiritual illness that causes emotional and physical disease. Who takes care of our spirit when it gets sick? We have doctors for the body, for the mind, and for the heart, but what do we do when our spirit is ailing?” (Sandra Ingerman)

How can you tell if you have suffered a soul loss? You may feel detached, empty, devoid of purpose, unable to concentrate and aimless in life. Some people experience deep depression and suicidal thoughts. Many simply suffer memory loss of crucial years from early childhood. Some say that their hearts are closed and they can’t feel love. One of my clients once said, “I feel as if there is a hole in my heart.” Below is a list of signs of soul loss. 

  • Common signs that one may have experienced soul loss:
  • Not feeling whole – Saying things like “I feel like I’m missing something” or “I don’t have it all together”.
  • Stuck in the past after a loved one, child or adult, has died. You can’t seem to move out of the past to live in the present.
  • Ungrounded, space cadet, spacey, constantly daydreaming, not wanting to be here on Earth, not wanting to connect with reality. (These people are usually out of body at least 12 to 18 inches.)
  • Blocks of memory loss at any time in life, but particularly from childhood.
  • Unable to release some emotional trauma from the past such as a death, divorce, or loss of some kind.
  • Asking: “Why am I here?” A sense of no direction, no focus, a wandering around aimlessly, no sense of purpose or self.
  • Addictions of any kind, such as alcohol, drugs, food, binging, anorexia, cravings, gambling, love, codependency.
  • Loss of emotional feeling – can’t cry, can’t feel — a general emotional numbness.
  • Very sick since birth, especially during the first 12 years of life.
  • Depression of any kind.
  • Schizophrenia or any other kind of psychotic “break from reality”.
  • Shame fuels loss of self-esteem, confidence, and has been caused (usually) in childhood.

Robin has performed many Soul Recoveries over the past 10 years bringing joy and happiness back to the client empowering them and enabling them to move forward in their life. 

Have you been to counseling for years and just keep talking about the same things over and over but just can’t seem to get past it? When you are literally MISSING pieces of your soul, there is no healing until you get them back! Plain and simple! Robin works with counselors to help them understand and identify when soul pieces are missing due to trauma or life events (this lifetime or past) so we can retrieve them for you in order to fully heal and move forward in your life! 

If you are experiencing any or most of these symptoms, it is likely that you have missing soul pieces. To schedule an appointment (which includes clearing anything and bringing soul pieces back from Past Lives as well), use the link below or go to to find a date that works! 

CLICK HERE to schedule a Past Life Soul Healing Session

Part 2: How to Prepare for a Soul Recovery Session

  • Choose a time for the soul recovery where you can have time for yourself afterwards.
  • Refrain from alcohol and other mind-altering substances 24 hours before and after your soul recovery.
  • Ask for a healing dream to help you receive your soul essence the night before your soul recovery session.
  • If you’d like, you can bring a quartz crystal to your soul recovery to help catch the soul essence.
  • Spend time connecting to nature before and after your soul recovery.
  • Think of a metaphor to help you absorb the light of your essence such as a flower soaking up the sun.
  • Consider any looping patterns in your life that you are ready to release.

Benefits to a soul recovery session:

  • Recovery from traumatic experiences
  • Comfort, courage, and faith
  • Reconnection to one’s true self
  • Connection to spiritual guidance
  • Restoration of sense of purpose
  • Expanding consciousness
  • Opening of heart energies
  • Mental and emotional clarity
  • Balancing of chakras
  • Supporting the body to heal itself
  • Ability to release the past
  • Greater capacity for joy and love
  • Assist willingness to forgive
  • Release from feeling “stuck”
  • Strengthening of healthy boundaries
  • Awakening connection to all living things and the Divine

It is advised that you leave your schedule open immediately after the session for integration and /or processing of the work that has occurred. Keep that in mind when scheduling your sessions. 

Everyone reacts differently to healing and you may be excited and full of energy or you may need to honor your body and rest.

What Clients Have to Say…

“During my first visit with Robin, she said to me, “Wow! You could really benefit from a soul recovery!” I thought to myself what in the heck is this lady talking about and wtf is a “soul recovery?!” After Robin explained to me a soul recovery is when pieces of our soul are missing due to trauma, I was speechless. I decided at this point why not try something like this… if it doesn’t improve my mental health, well what am I out but some time and money… let me tell you… if I had the choice or even a chance to do one again, I WOULD! It is the MOST BEAUTIFUL experience in the world! 

I (like many people reading this) went into the soul recovery thinking…I’m not going to notice anything different…but I let Robin do her thing! She talked me through everything she was seeing (you don’t have to be talked to butttt this was my proof in my head that this is real). I couldn’t believe it when she told me “ I see two girls.. sisters… dark hair… 4 years apart… hugging… because it’s finally over..” It was at this point I knew what Robin was seeing was my past life. And I couldn’t believe that she explained to me EVERYTHING exactly how I was seeing it in my mind. Remember, I gave no hints, I never talked…. I listened to her. 

Since doing the soul recovery, things in my life have changed! And changed for the better!!! I saved my daughter (who previously was my sister) from her destiny, her destiny of being abused and me being unable to protect her. Before my soul recovery, my 3 year old daughter – YES 3 years old – looked me dead in the eyes for 3 months straight telling me “mommy you can’t save me”, “mommy you can never protect me”, “mommy why won’t you protect me”, “I am not safe mommy”…(and yes I tried to tell her that mommy and daddy are here and will always keep her safe). After the soul recovery (which also recovered my daughters soul!) she STOPPED saying it. When I asked her if she feels safe she says “yes!” If I tell her “I will protect you!” She responded “I know mommy”. 

No matter what you have going on or if you think this won’t work, I ENCOURAGE YOU to try it.  Just try it and see what amazing things come from it! And for everyone’s benefit, I am just going to say I am NOT a church person… I am not a “full believer” nor am I a “nonbeliever” I believe what I see… with that being said I STILL encourage everyone to have it done!  

Soul Recovery seriously has changed so so much for me and opened my heart up to my angels so much guidance coming through and I just can’t believe how much I get! It’s like if I start to question anything I get sign after sign!!! And then the change happens and boom!! New signs for the next thing!! I love love it so much!” – Catie W

“Soul Recovery is such an amazing thing! I am forever grateful for you!!! And helping piece me back together!

I’m an empath and I feel everyone else’s emotions so deeply and easily. With my own I would feel deeply but expressing was muffled and suppressed. Like if I was happy, I felt like a “chunk” or “chunks” were missing and didn’t feel as happy – so it would feel empty or didn’t last very long. Soo spaced out. All I knew was to grow further on my journey, I needed a cord/hook taken out from a family member for sure. Everything else was not clear to me because pieces were being mixed around and hidden from me to know what I needed. I made so much progress on my own but hit a wall or in my case a Hook. I wasn’t sure beforehand that I was even missing pieces of my soul but I knew the hook was an issue.

I was told about Robin through a mutual friend. The word she used to describe Robin was SAFE – and that hit me really hard, almost no one has ever felt safe to me. Robin is SAFE. She helps you feel comfortable safe and secure. She listens and tells you every step of the way. I am not one that likes most people even touching me and I didn’t even flinch when she did after asking me if the brief contact was ok. Afterwards was like I’ve always been in a raining cloudy storm and now it was sunny and beautiful not surface but WHOLE beautiful. And I was missing pieces and there was a hook.

Now I’m journaling that I’ve tried to do for years and I’m sorting through all the things I thought was me vs the person on the other end of the hook. Having my (soul) pieces back ,I truly feel whole again – and now that I’m whole I can actually heal all of me. Fully process and understand why I am the way I am and how to heal and let go of the things that don’t serve my highest good.

My health has improved. My blood oxygen is 2-3 points higher at night. I can hold my breath almost 3 times as long. My sleep quality has greatly improved. I have focus now. That Ferrari Soul is ready to go. So tired of being held back in the past but I’m clear minded to know I can’t make up for almost 40 years of being held back like that in a few weeks so I pace myself. I’m more patient with myself and others. Emotions aren’t a roller coaster anymore and if they are, I’m clear in thought and heart and know there is a reason and I figure out why and heal it rather than just get frustrated.The after is very important to still understand that the Soul Recovery isn’t THE healing but it’s a HUGE stepping stone to getting you on your way that much faster and you can help you so much easier and better when you’re whole and if you end up having hooks or cords they go too. When I saw the $ amount, those other factors tried to talk me out of it but the name investment for it is so rightfully name and accurate. It is an investment on yourself. A gift something else simply can never give you even if you’ve done years of work on yourself with other methods and keep getting blocked like I did. Robin is amazing and getting the Soul Recovery done is the best investment I’ve ever made in myself. I’ve already made leaps and bounds before it, but after I’ve moved planets.” Ashley T

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  1. Sounds like a powerful process you take people through Robin. Thanks for sharing the important work you do in the world and who can benefit most from it. Warmly, Pam

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